About Us

With nearly 30 years of medical and dental management practice services supporting our firm, Monarch is a leading provider of health care practice management software and services. Monarch is geared to provide our clients with an easy and more cost-effective way to process insurance and patient billing claims, recover 99%+ of rejected claims that brings more cash flow into a practice.

The Specialists in YOUR Team

Monarch provides a team of certified and experienced staff members who take pride and ownership of the services we provide. They understand the difficulties in keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of medical and dental insure claims and government regulation changes.

Some say service is an intangible. We disagree. At Monarch MPS, we pride ourselves in giving our clients the type of service they would expect from a dedicated team of billing and medical practice management professionals.


Communication is not just a product or a concept, it is also what great relationships and excellence in service delivery are built upon. For us, it is key to keep the entire team informed of the claims process as it progresses. In addition, we can provide services that can cut costs for the practice, resulting in seeing greater cash flow generated.